Chakshu Engineering

Chakshu Engineering

Chakshu Engineering

Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

GST No. 24ADZPS9415R1Z8

Industrial Air Equipment

As an established company, we provide a premium quality range of Compact Barrel Cooling Blower, Tube Axial Fans, Forced Draft Fans High Pressure Blowers, Aluminium Impeller, Axial Fan Impeller, Dampers, Air Curtains, Roof Ventilators, Centrifugal Fan and Bellows. Our range is widely acclaimed for its sturdy construction, dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance and others. Our range includes:

Fan Impellers

Fan ImpellerGet Quotation

Fan Impeller

Impeller IdealGet Quotation

Impeller Ideal

Impeller of FBDGet Quotation

Impeller of FBD

ID Fan ImpellerGet Quotation

ID Fan Impeller

Spare Fan ImpellerGet Quotation

Spare Fan Impeller

Axial Fans

Axial FansGet Quotation

Axial Fans

Tubular Axial FanGet Quotation

Tubular Axial Fan

Tube Axial FanGet Quotation

Tube Axial Fan

AC Axial FanGet Quotation

AC Axial Fan

Air Blower

Hot Air BlowerGet Quotation

Hot Air Blower

Twin Lobe Air BlowerGet Quotation

Twin Lobe Air Blower

Double Inlet BlowerGet Quotation

Double Inlet Blower

Regenerative BlowersGet Quotation

Regenerative Blowers

Centrifugal Blower

Industrial Blower

Air Knife BlowerGet Quotation

Air Knife Blower

Ventury Air BlowerGet Quotation

Ventury Air Blower

Industrial BlowerGet Quotation

Industrial Blower

Exhaust Blower

Induced Draft Fan

Induced Draft FanGet Quotation

Induced Draft Fan

Motor ID FanGet Quotation

Motor ID Fan

ID Coupling FanGet Quotation

ID Coupling Fan

Rotary Chamber Fan Impeller

Forward Curve Impeller

Dust Collector

Dust CollectorGet Quotation

Dust Collector

Dust Collector FanGet Quotation

Dust Collector Fan

Ginning Blower

Ginning BlowerGet Quotation

Ginning Blower

Cooling Blower

Cooling BlowerGet Quotation

Cooling Blower

Barrel Cooling BlowerGet Quotation

Barrel Cooling Blower

Blower For FIBC

Blower For FIBCGet Quotation

Blower For FIBC

Mosquito Killer


Fly CatcherGet Quotation

Fly Catcher

Variable Inlet Control Dampers

Inlet Control DamperGet Quotation

Inlet Control Damper

Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System

HVAC DuctGet Quotation


Ring Blower

Ring BlowerGet Quotation

Ring Blower

Air Curtain

Air CurtainGet Quotation

Air Curtain

Blower Fan

Blower FanGet Quotation

Blower Fan

Turbo Air Ventilator

Turbo VentilatorGet Quotation

Turbo Ventilator

Turbine Blower

Turbine BlowerGet Quotation

Turbine Blower

Side Channel Blower

Side Channel BlowersGet Quotation

Side Channel Blowers

Industrial Blowers

Industrial Air BlowerGet Quotation

Industrial Air Blower

Centrifugal Plug Fans

Centrifugal FansGet Quotation

Centrifugal Fans

High Pressure Blower

High Pressure BlowerGet Quotation

High Pressure Blower

Dynamic Blower

Waste Collector Box

Waste Collector BoxGet Quotation

Waste Collector Box

Dynamic Balancing Job Work

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip CurtainGet Quotation

PVC Strip Curtain

Industrial Fans

High Pressure FanGet Quotation

High Pressure Fan

Forced Draft Fan

Forced Draft FanGet Quotation

Forced Draft Fan

Kitchen Exhaust System